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Voter Registration Events

Using the Rock The Vote platform, we successfully infused music, voter registration, education, and community organizing to strengthen civic engagement with Latina/o/x students and local residents often underserved of resources.


110 Freeway Tunnel Mural

The 110 Freeway Tunnel Mural project was presented as a challenge to navigate local and state agencies to approve the permitting process along with building a team of local artists, youth, and community leaders to volunteer and beautify a pedestrian walkway for community college students and residents. The project was completed on time.

WIN Report

Community Needs Assessment

Conducting community outreach and research, we partnered with UCLA for data analysis on the wants and needs of Wilmington residents adjacent to the Port of Los Angeles complex. Our survey instrument captured both quantitative and qualitative information from communities of color. 


Harbor Repair - Documentary

We aided in the subject matter to capture policy and systems change efforts with addressing labor, environmental, and health disparities along with capturing personal stories and narratives of stakeholders improving the quality of life of residents and workers of color.


Defending The Public Good

Pushing back against the privatization of our children's public schools is not only a policy fight but encompasses the entire community such as parents, labor allies, neighborhood groups, and educators. Whether through community organizing, coalition building, or press conferences to stop Prop 39 with co-location fights, defending our children, teachers, and parents takes the entire community.  


Election Campaigning

(The red arrow) helping guide phone bankers with outreach goals, tactics, and best practices with delivering the script. Keeping up with positive morale, checking in with volunteers, and encouragement is key with honoring volunteer staff time and commitment to any dedicated campaign. Photo credit: Chris Valle, 2020.

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